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It is known for its' Saigo udon. 'Saigō TakamoriHe is one of the great men of the end of the Edo period.Satsuma DomainHe was born in Kagoshima Prefecture.A bronze statue of Ueno Parkbut it is well known.

Tatsu -Meiji RestorationI was involved in many historical incidents at the time of my career, and as a work done with my companions, Satcho-AllianceIn addition, the bloodless surrender of Edo-jo Castle was also achieved.

I loved Kagoshima Prefecture.51Takamori SAIGO acted to make the country better until he was old.The act of love and personality is still being loved by many people today.

What is the secret of its popularity?I will admire the virtues of Takamori SAIGO, from various prophecy, prophecy, episodes, and so on.

The profile of Takamori SAIGO, many of the famous words.

First of all, I will look back on his life from the background of Takamori SAIGO and his life.

  I was born from birth until I went to the table.

Takamori SAIGO1827yearKajiyacho, Kagoshima PrefectureI was born.

He grew up in a family of lower-ranking samurai in the Satsuma domain, and his life was very poor.When I was a child, I got injured in a quarrel and hurt my arm, so I gave up on my way to martial arts and was encouraged to study hard.

Although he was a lower-ranking samurai, he could not say that his rank was high, but he began to work in the Satsuma domain at the age of 18.This is the kind of work I'm going to do now.

And ...10He was engaged in the work of the Satsuma clan collecting nengu (land tax) from farmers for the year, and he submitted a petition for agricultural administration after seeing the farmers being tormented by the farmers.

The lord of SatsumaShimazu NariakiraIn addition to seeing a petition, Saigo had a sincere and sincere evaluation of the work of Takamori SAIGO.1854I choose this as an attenuating service for a change in attendance.And they took me to Edo and gave them a lot of work.

It was Takamori SAIGO, who swore allegiance to Nariakira SHIMAZU, but when Nariakira died suddenly, he was pessimistic about his future and attempted suicide.After his life was recovered, he returned to Kagoshima after medical treatment at Amami-Oshima Island, and after that, he moved to the south of the island.

However, he opened a cram school in the island and opened his talents while he was a child, and he was studying at the island. While there was a lot of incidents in the world while they were moving through the island, there was a movement within the Satsuma Domain to call Takamori SAIGO back to the domain.

It became the presence of Satsuma County in 1864 after being taken back by the Satsuma clan, and in 1866, it was still famous for its history class.Satcho-Allianceand the following:Gradually, the talent of leading people to bloom greatly blossoms, and eventually, they act toward the Meiji Restoration.

From the bloodless surrender of Edo-jo Castle to his later years

Decree for the Restoration of Imperial RuleNow we take the new government army,Boshin WarBut he also plays an active role, and ultimately it will be able to carry out the bloodless surrender of Edo Castle

At first, the new government army planned to attack Edo-jo Castle, but Takamori SAIGOKaishu KatsuIn the negotiation process, the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) ended peacefully without using military power.

When the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) ended and the new government was established, Takamori SAIGO flourished there.Haihan-chikenIt is also known that the new government also needed to be Takamori SAIGO, as well as creating a system such as a new system, or becoming the chief executive of the government.

But there was a conflict of opinions with the government officials.Takamori SAIGO returned to Satsuma and established a private school.the use of the

In addition to the normal study abroad, the school has a foreign exchange system, and the graduates of the private school are now in important positions in Kagoshima Prefecture.

where I had to go to school, and I had to go to the government, because I was a graduate of a school, and I was in an antigovernment.Seinan Warat the beginning of the day.

It was Takamori SAIGO, who had participated in this war.1877Takamori SAIGO, who was chased by the government army in the year,9Month24The day passed away by the decision of self-determination.

It is Takamori SAIGO, who has worked hard for the country, but the sad end of his death is that he is dying by the country.

However, he was praised for his achievements, and even now, a bronze statue was built, and there was a strong presence in the hearts of Japanese people.

The politics and the spirit of Takamori SAIGO and the mind of the mind

 The best known word of Takamori SAIGO said:Keiten Ajin..In the sense that we love the heavens and love people, there are many companies today who advocates a corporate philosophy as a respirator.

I'm going to show you exactly what you have left.

The name of Takamori SAIGO: related to politics

The name of Takamori SAIGO's (1)

⭐civilization " is a widespread and common sense of justice.It is not a magnificent mansion, a garment beauty, and a magnificent look.

This is a famous message that was born in the midst of the changing times and continuing to seek the way for politicians to be as politicians.

The civilization of truth does not represent luxurious or glamour.Civilization is born in a way that separates evil and justice and is going to be achieved.

Therefore, a politician who creates a civilization should be a person who is not a man who appeals to his or her private life, but his or her own interests, regardless of his or her own interests, to be honest and unrighteed.

Saigō TakamoriMeikoto➁

It is the most difficult person to deal with, without the need for ⭐life, no name, no name, and no need.Such people, however, can be a person who can make life difficult.Such a person can also make a great contribution to the state.

Takamori SAIGO, who aimed to improve the country, really didn' t like war.It is also interpreted that the Seinan War had unavoidable circumstances due to the feelings of the people who had followed Takamori SAIGO.

Until the outbreak of the Seinan War, I bet my life at school and devoted myself to education.Takamori SAIGO was a rare "man of no-me" who was rare in his life for the country and his children, rather than honour, rank and selfishness.

Saigō TakamoriMyogen

⭐No matter how much the system or system is discussed, no one should be able to move it.First of all, the person, or the next, is the means of means.People are the first treasures, and we shall all be mindless to be people.

It is the same belief that Konosuke Matsushita, the god of business management, has focused on cultivating human resources in the first place.In the name of "human resources," the name manager is poured in the love of the people and the raising of the people.

Then, what is the direction of human resource training?In the end, it is the human resource that the ' learning and the driving force and the ability to see. '

In the Meiji Restoration, most of them were born to a poor family, but they tried hard to study, and they worked hard for the government and the domain.

In the case of Takamori SAIGO, he became a "human resource" who was loved by many people because of his high ideals and no action, and the size of his pottery.

He was active in the country and produced many talented people who supported the great advancement of Japan.The power of his love and wisdom has had a great influence on the later life.

Even today, Takamori SAIGO is a great man who has a deep affinity with many Japanese people.It is nicknamed 'Saigo udon,' and continues to be loved by the people.

The name of Takamori SAIGO: relating to the way of life

 Saigō TakamoriMeikoto

If you don't do this, you can avoid the demon.

Kijin refers to Onigami (generally considered to be a Japanese yokai) with a terrible power, and if you act with a strong determination, even the fierce god avoids the path.

Takamori SAIGO was tall.180centimeters, weight100He was said to have been over Kilo, and his words had a heavy weight and a persecution.And they act decisively, where they actand the demon scatter.

"The strength of good spirit coming from high comrade" can be seen in the words and the back of action.

Saigō TakamoriMeikyogen

Whoever attempts to do things in the shadows, in the shadow of a man, is not ugly, even if it goes well, from among those who have the power to see things.When making recommendations to others, they must be fair and sincere.If it is not fair, it is not possible to grasp the soul of a person who has been swell.

Takamori SAIGO was faithful and companion of the people.Saigō TakamoriThe transparent mirror, which is superficially grooming, is a reflection of the person who thinks bad things in the back, as well as in the face of the other.

A man who is so black and dark may be said to be "good at the good of his own mind," but from one of the real things, it should be humble in the heart that it should be humble.

Even if it is a fair and sincere proposal, it may be misunderstood.But ...It is important to believe that those who are in good faith, like Takamori SAIGO, are sure to be in any way.

If there is "true" there, it should be recommended with courage, and in some cases, it must be bumped out of the front.

Saigō TakamoriMeikyogen

⭐It is not the best thing to love onesa.It is not possible to make a good practice, but it is not possible to make a mistake, but it is a thing that comes from the fact that all of them are proud of their achievements and arrogance, and they should not have the heart to make a sweat.

It means to love onesetto, which means that you make yourself sweet.

He keeps track of his abilities accurately and continues his training.If you are wrong, you will be able to grow up as a person if you are able to correct your mistakes and correct them, and if you have a cotting and ascetic practice.

The problem is that it is "love of the fake" and what is needed is to "fight against yourself" and "to make the true love and make yourself a true self-elody."

The name of Takamori SAIGO: Regarding the mind.

Saigō TakamoriMyogen 7

If you don't want to be a person, don't blame the heavens, you don't blame others, and you will have to go to your own.

It is a preachable saying that it is important to deal with one's own mind, not to others.It's easy to blame others, but I don't think I can grow up.

By taking action by taking action as a self-responsibility, I realize that it is my own, and I will try to make a more challenge and go forward.

In order to be able to do so, it is assumed that the mind is not the comparison between you and others, but the mind is turned to the sky.

"Heaven" is generally said to be God.God is always watching.And he wants to grow up a little bit.

It would be a great pleasure for God to grow up as a child.Therefore, you may be able to precept yourself and keep your efforts in silence.

Saigō TakamoriMeikyogen

Keiten Ajin

"Tenkei Aijin" means to love a person who is deeply revered by the heavens and love.Human growth depends on the belief in the heavens as well as the depth of love for people.

"Tenkei Aijin"This name became the center of the speech and behavior of Takamori SAIGO.

Saigō TakamoriMeikyogen

There is only one thing to be obediated and willing to follow in this world.There are a lot of people who have been avenging their father since ancient times, but there are only one Soga brothers who are not aware of it until now, even if they are children or women, because they have a lot of people who do not know how to do it.It is just the good fortune to be praised by the people of the world without the heart of it.If there is a thick heart, there will be someone who will understand it even if there is no one to know at the time.

The Soga brothers' Revenge was one of the three great Adauchi in Japan, and it was regarded as a model for the revenge.A case.1193The Soga brothers killed Suketsune KUDO, who was the enemy of his father, when MINAMOTO no Yoritomo took the hunting of the book in the year.

The Soga brothers, who had been killed by their father when they were young, did not forget to avenge their father's avenging while living in a poor life.

He succeeded in killing Suketsune KUDO on the night when the book was prepared again, but the elder brother was killed by another samurai and his brother was captured and was punished by decapitation.

In the Edo period, the incident of Adauchi was taken up by kabuki and joruri (dramatic narrative chanted to a traditional Japanese traditional drama), and it is widely known even today.

The name of Takamori SAIGO

In the world, it is a frail thing that frailed like dust, as if it were disgraced or praised by others.

You may be a man, but you don't have to go forward if you're just sick of it.and it is often to be praised by others, and often deprived of its position while the mind is floating,

The reputation of the man is a frail of good and evil, and then vanquates away.

But for the sake of the world, "the act of honest love," which has been done for the sake of the country, will never be vanquituable.

The Kyogen of Takamori SAIGO and a collection of Nyogoto shu (a book

The Prophecy of Takamori SAIGO

⭐Try to think of it, and I'll take responsibility.

As I said to my subordinates, there is a show of what a CEO or a leader should be like.

The Prophecy of Takamori SAIGO

⭐It is the same as a wooden doll for those who are modest and correct, and have the body of yours, but who cannot deal with them properly in the event of their own.

In the reverse, when a person is unable to make a right decision or action when it is important, there is a problem in the ascetic practices of the sun, and it may be a form of mind in the upper part of the body only.

You should discover and redepart yourself by discovering your own heart decoration and lies.

The Prophecy of Takamori SAIGO

⭐basic principle of politics is to encourage loyalty to the master and to promote the virtues of parents to the virtues of the people and to practice the virtues of others.

It is politics in the realm of the country that is doing it for people.The statesmen who think about their own interests or are of the air, are merely a profession and a politician.

⭐name of Saigo Takamori's wording

⭐There is no revolution in the orthodox theory.Those who are revolutionist are in the remote theory.

The argument here is always a common sense of common sense, which is always win-rolled up to the majority.

The revolutionThe theory of remote theory was the theory of remote theory.This comes from an argument that covers general common sense (which can be rephrated as 'the truth of truth').

A good revolution will take place in the midst of selecting the right and wrong of things as the "blank eye" and the right to pick the right one.

The Prophecy of Takamori SAIGO

It is a good thing to be immature when you are immature and immersed in a good mood when you do something like a ⭐'s surprise.

It may be a manifesto to be praised so as to be praised by others, but to be praised by others who are very much pleased with the idea of the people's surprise.

In order to accomplish great things, we should be able to walk the way of our own desires without regard to human evaluation.and he had been telling himself to himself.

The Prophecy of Takamori SAIGO

A ⭐plot is not to be day-to-day.It is a remorpity for the fact that I have had a good time to look back at it, and that it is not good to see it.

There is a saying, "I drown in the plot."

It is important to note that in the midst of a great flow, we have to make a plan, but when we make our own backstage tricks in the back of the people, it is important to take care of them when they are in the way of the way.

The Prophecy of Takamori SAIGO

For those who have made great achievements to the virtues of ⭐reward them for their achievements.

As a politician, "virtue" is important, and the virtues ought to be at the top.

How much love is virtue? And it depends on how many people have been able to lead them to true happiness.

In addition, although it is in the process of leading to virtue, the system of politics is said to be that not only seniority but also talent and achievement should be awarded.

Saigo Takamori's Famous Sayings (18)

⭐ man is given heavenly life from heaven and lives accordingly.

Everyone is endowed with heavenly life.

Heavenly life is the life given by heaven and the mission given by heaven. Saigo TakamoriMandate of HeavenI live according to.

So what is your mission? That would be a tough question.

However, there is a clue. One of the clues to find life is in the tinge in the heart that you really want to do something.

And, it might be "It is not only for my profit but also for people's happiness because it is a heavenly life".

Saigo Takamori's Famous Sayings (19)

⭐ the term "war" and focus solely on buying easy peace should be called the commercial rule, not the government an any longer.

Before this saying, ⭐"If we don't have the spirit to follow a positive path and fall with the nation for justice, we canCan't be expected. If you fear that greatness, beg for peace, and obey its will,foreign contempt. As a result, friendly relations come to an end, and in the end they can be used abroad.It will be."

The act that the government does not try to overcome the national difficulty with "Justice and sincema", and trys to escape the difficulty by lying down to the other party like the battle of the loser is only a commercial law transaction (The transaction which becomes the other party's slave eventually), and it is not true politics by all means.

Therefore, politicians who do true politics must be "those who fight for justice", and they need justice and courage, and the virtues of "wisdom, jin (love), and bravery".

Saigo Takamori was very worried about the state of the government at that time, but this word must permeate modern politics even more.

Saigo Takamori'sSayings (20)

⭐ is three especially important in politics of the country of the country of the education, the educational culture is active, the riathria is enriched, and agriculture is encouraged.

Education is the basis of tomorrow's national strength. The military is needed to "protect our country ourselves."

Agriculture is necessary to secure food, which increases self-sufficiency in the country. All three are absolutely essential today to protect our country, increase our national strength, and make it a wonderful country.

An Unknown Episode of Saigo Takamori

Saigo Takamori has a variety of episodes left, but this time I will introduce only two lesser-known episodes.

・ I hated big photos

Saigo Takamori seems to have hated photography very much, and in fact, the picture that you can see the face1No images have been found.

The current situation is that it is not clear whether the face we image is the face of the person himself, just because it remains in a bronze statue or a portrait.

I don't know why he didn't like photography that much, but he didn't want to take pictures anyway.

・ Are you not good at alcohol?

Kagoshima also has a famous sake, and Saigo Takamori imagined from the statue seems to have strong sake.

In fact, it seems to have been a lower door, and it is said that I did not drink alcohol at all. Shimodo is a very surprising fact.

Let's live with a heavenly mistress by touching the famous saying of Saigo Takamori

Saigo Takamori was considering the future of Japan until the end. I knew I couldn't beat the government in the Seinan War, but I fought desperately for my people.

It will be difficult to understand all of Saigo Takamori's feelings.

However, it can be said that the Meiji Restoration was not successful without the success of Saigo Takamori and Sakamoto Ryoma. He was one of the people who changed the shape of Japan greatly, and thanks to his success, Japan was able to go on an equal face with other countries.

In addition, I think that there are many people who touch the great love of Saigo Takamori and still become encouragement of life or get excited to rise from the bottom.

Even now, there is a statue of Saigo Takamori in Ueno Park, and it is a place where many people stop.

What is takamori Saigo of the bronze statue trying to talk about now? Keep in mind saigo Takamori's words about life and heart, and always think about what will be good for the world and what will be good for people, and live a sincere way of life.

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