[Tatcher's Quotations Walk (English / Japanese)] The spirit of self-help efforts as a pillar of nation-building

As a prime minister of the first Women in England11I was in charge of the yearly long-term administrationMargaret Satcher

If you think that it will lead to the happiness of the people, her strong character, which passes his intention, has a nickname of iron woman.

While she stabilized the UK's economy at that time, he had received a disadvantaged policy and received a disadvantaged policy, so she died of her died and she went to the policy Pros and cons of it is divided.

This time, I will introduce her quotes her, based on the life of her Satcher.

Sparrow and quotes that Saccer left

Satcher's Quotations 1 Road to Top

⭐ I do not know Anyone Who Hard Work. That Is The Recipe. It Will Not Always Get You PRETTY NEAR.

I do not know one person, such as people who worked hard and standing at the top. It is the secret to stand at the top. It may not be possible to be a top, but it should be possible to go to a quite close.

There is also the qualities of her soul of her sachang, since her childhood, her father who was also her politician, her father, her father, teach her "her self-responsibility and self-help efforts" from her. Is.

She became one of the ways to think about her life.

Saccer's quote➁To be successful

⭐ What is Success? I Think IT Is A Mixture of Having A Flair for the Thing That You Are Doing; Knowing That IT IS NOT Enough, THAT You Have Got to Have Hard Work and A Certain Sense of Purpose.

⭐ You will also need to be a good quality. However, it is not enough to be not enough, and if you do not work with the purpose, no success will be obtained.

The purpose of Saccer was "to be happy with the people". Loving people, dreams, ideals and romance are the driving force to succeed.

Satcher's Quotations 3 About Money

⭐ Pennies Don't Fall from Heaven-They Have to Be Earned Here On Earth.

⭐ Money does not fall from heaven. It must earn on the ground.

Saccer has been working hard, a person who worked hard, sent a good life and pursued a successful policy.

Saccer's Quotations 4 Love Strength

⭐ I Am Extraordinarily Patient, Provided I Get My Own Way in the End.

⭐⭐ If you finally get your own, I can get patient any much patience.

Here, "I will be your own" means "improving the country". For that reason, it is possible to express the strength of the will of love like steel that you can put up with anything.

Sacchan's quote 5 to achieve

⭐if You Just Set Out To Be Liked, You Would Be Prepared to Compromise on Anything at Any Time And You Would Achieve Nothing.

If you are just trying to be liked, it will be prepared to compromise anytime and anything will not achieve anything.

In order to improve the country, the leader is explained to the leader that the leader has to be stirred, even if it is disliked by the surrounding people.

People must be liked from people to collect the election vote, but for example, a small child is given a small child, and it is a political way that leads to a crush in a major flow, so as to get a bad way to decide Sacca was very hated.

Saccer's quote 6 Belief's politician

⭐ I am NOT A Consensus Politician. I'm a Conviction Politician.

⭐ I am not a politician seeking an opinion. It is a politician of belief.

For those who are convincing for the people, we are pushing policies in a solid posture that is not swinging around the opinions.

Sacchan's quote 7 What is my job

⭐ My Job Is To Stop Britain Going Red.

⭐ My job is to prevent UK from going to communism.

If you are a social weak in the Safety net, you must help.

However, even if it is not so, I was thinking that it was strange to live the same life as a person who is making an effort, with a person who is working hard.

Sacchan's quote 8 Battle day

⭐i Have Done Battle Every Single Day of My Life.

⭐ There is nothing wrong with the day I did not fight.

By clarifying the spirit of self-help efforts, UK is saved from corruption to development, and it became a prime minister in the era of almost no female members, so it was a continuation of the battle.

This battle was also a thought match, and it was also a battle with itself.

Satcher's quote 9 How to change the destiny

⭐Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

The idea is to be a word, and the word is act, behavior is a habit, and the habit is a personality, and the personality is fate.

"What to think" is all starting points.

The truly wonderful thinking kneading is a word that emits light and becomes action. And I think again, emit words, take action and make a habit.

The practice is the continuation of the effort, which is a personality and eventually changes destiny. This quote will have enlightenment from the actual experience that the fate can change by effort.

Satcher's Quoting 10 About Influence


There is no influence of influence, which is similar to whether it is qualified for ladies. It does not qualify for Lady, not to know if you don't say that you don't say it.

She did not have a highly highly influential impact in politics, like a noble woman who drifted from anyone looking from?

Satcher's quote 11 About politics

⭐in Politics, IF You Want Anything Said, Ask A man; IF You Want Anything Done, Ask A Woman.

In the politics, please ask a man if you want to say. If you want something, please ask a woman.

Politics need not only say in the mouth but also an executive force. Politicians are asked for the attitude of unreasonable execution.

Saccer's quote 12 strong words

⭐Defeat? I do not recognize the Meaning of the word.

Defeat? I do not know the meaning of the word.

It is a queue that is extremely speaking (word power). Why can it be as strong as possible? It's the appearance of the fight with itself, and there will be strong love for the people in the back.

Saccer's Quotes 13 About Women's Prime Minister

⭐i Don't Think There Will Be A Woman Prime Minister in My LifeTime.

⭐ I do not think that the prime minister of women is born while I live.

Certainly, since Sutcher died of the birth of May3It is a year.

Sacchan's quotation 14 Decision importance


Do not follow a large number. I will make a decision on myself. And people are also convinced and lead.

If there is a conviction that truly wishes to happen to the people's happiness, you should not flow to the opinions of the great number of people.

It is important to decide by yourself and lead to persuasive power to convince people but also people.

Sacchan's quotation 15 About men and women equality

⭐People Who Do The Women's Movement To Loudly Hate. Regardless of the Other Men and Women, Human Beings Is Determined by the Ability.

I hate people who do female exercise and speaking. Numbers are determined by the ability, regardless of men and women.

Men and women equality in a true sense are preached.

Not only female exercise but also in various political policies, it is necessary to determine the power of wisdom that it has passed and not.

Life of Saccer as a background of quotes

As you can see even if you look at her quotes, Saccer was a woman of conviction. She will introduce her lives of her intense movement until she died and she died.

· · Humarrious period of Sutcher

1925Year10Saccer born in the house of the month and matter commit course.

Her father who has experienced the mayor in the local communityI respect you and spend my heartfelt taught from her father, her self-responsibility and self-help efforts.

When she got an excellent award with school's grades, she wanted because she was struggling and she said that she naturally said.

· Her road until it becomes her member

Oxford UniversityShe studied chemistry and graduated from university, and he worked mainlyColloid chemistryDo research about.

She then25She is an election at age but she unfortunately lost.

26She is getting married at age28She is an old age, she gets a lawyer qualification.

However34She's afraid she was a day when she is a candidate she will be elected in the House of Representatives elections and will start walking as her politicians.

... She to the first female first prime minister

Since she became a member of her, she was a nickname "Milk Thief" and "Iron Woman", with her troubled policy for her real happiness. Still54She was winning a female first prime minister in a general election that she was held at the age of age.

She raised small politics and liberal economySutcalismPursuing,British diseaseShe has made the UK's economy.

1982It happened in the yearForkland conflictSo, she recaptures the Falkland Islands by the earlyness of her decision and his strong attitude.

She got high rating from the British people.

· · From her prime time resignation to her died

I have been promong of her idea that there was her idea and wealthy people who are gentle, and even more unemployed people have increased their owner, and her economy has slowed her support rate.

1990Her a year's head-in-law will make the decline in her atrophy to be bright, and resign of her prime minister.

Her later years she suffered from dementia, but it seems clearly answered that it was heard about her politician era.

She followed by a tumor to her bladder and performs extraction surgery. She succeeded in surgery,2013Of year4Month8She is a day she falls in stroke87She was old and she died.

Saccer's episode

She was a Sachacher who continued to show her hard attitude as a strong leader, but her woman did not forget it. like thatSatcherI will introduce her episode.

· Conduct diet before her general election

In fact, Saccer is1979She was said to have a diet in front of the year's general election.

He was thinking that he had increased the opportunity to go to the media if he became a prime minister. He is negative by the diet method that reduces alcohols and carbohydrates and compensate for high quality proteins9He succeeded in weight loss of kilometers.

· · She always tried to be fashionable

Sutcher had a good feelings for clothes and hairstyles.

He tried to raise his own presence by fashioning, while he has few female members.

His standard style is a classy style combining pearl accessories in blue tops and skirts.

His beauty salon3On the day1He was told at the pace of each time, and it is said to have kept soft hair with curled hair.

· · "Iron woman" is a favorite of Saccer

Finally about the nickname of the Satcher called "Iron Woman".

OriginallySoviet Union Department of DefenseWas a nicknamed nickname and wrote with ironic motion.

However, because Saccer he liked his own media, the media also used its nickname, and it was penetrated in the world.

Prime Minister Sutcher who penetrated the spirit of self-help efforts

Saccharu Prime Minister who penetrated Sutcalism in a hard posture.

The rating of her to her is divided, but at that timePrime Minister NakasoneAnd AmericaPresident ReaganIt is a fact that there was a charisma, such as affecting.

When she actually actually done her funeral, she is a successive prime minister and the Prime Minister of each country, and the Citizens of London, and the Queen Elizabeth.

It is her own practiceThrough her self-help effortsShe has continued to have a great impact on many people.

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