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by ThankYouSun

A month ago

Tolstoy's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese) [Words for life flowing from the source of love]

by ThankYouSun

A month ago


by ThankYouSun

A month ago

(Text)TolstoyIs Russia's leading novelist and literary master, and a great thinker comparable to the founder of world religions. His work is also famous in Japan, especiallyWar and peaceHis work, called him, is well known.

Non-violentAlso known as, while working as a novelist, he was also active as a dissident. He is also working to save the so-called vulnerable people, such as the poor.RussiaHas influenced the world including.

Let's see what true happiness is from Tolstoy's maxim.

Tolstoy's Quotations / Quotations (English & Japanese)

Merit of adversity

⭐ English: Adversity makes the character. (LeoTolstoy )

⭐ Japanese: Adversity creates a personality. (Tolstoy)

Humans tend to be sweet in easy situations, but by fighting with oneself in that loneliness, as well as feeling more ingrained in difficult situations, humans can develop their personality. It is also Tolstoy's words of encouragement for those in adversity.

How to make happiness

⭐ English: Prosperity, onore, can, it's made personally, and there is no prosperity of anything but that. (LeoTolstoy )

⭐ Japanese: Happiness is something you make yourself, and there is no other happiness. (Tolstoy)

Happiness does not blame people or the environment for what is currently underprivileged or unsuccessful, and does not rely solely on the alms from the country or others. It is born as the flowers bloom.

Also, even if there is something given by others, how to accept it and how to evaluate it depends on your own heart. Fortune and unhappiness are largely divided according to how you feel your heart.

Happiness begins with gratitude for what is being given. Gratitude is something you make yourself. For those who think that nothing has been given, first of all, it was given today's life. The night is gone and the morning sun is shining. Let's start with gratitude for what we take for granted.

Competition with yourself

⭐ The greatest happiness for humans is to feel that the self at the end of the year is much better than the self at the beginning of the year. (Tolstoy)

1I am most happy to feel that I am better than before, that is, I have grown up as I get older. And there are various kinds of growth, such as improving English, becoming familiar with history, and being able to behave kindly to people, but behind that is "a feeling of happiness due to mental growth." Probably.

The virtues of humility

⭐ English: A modest person is liked from everyone. Though why doesn't it try to be a modest person? (LeoTolstoy )

Japanese: Humble people are loved by everyone. So why not try to be a humble person? (Tolstoy)

Even if we know that humble people are preferred, people can't be humble. Why is that? The opposite of a humble person is an arrogant or arrogant person. Its characteristics are self-centeredness and the desire to seek praise from others. There is excessive self-love there.

All human beings are cute, but when self-love goes too far, they are hated. I always want to tell myself "humility" and make relationships wonderful.

When lonely

⭐ English: When lonely, humans feel the true self.

⭐ Japanese: When lonely, humans feel their true self. (Tolstoy)

When we are lonely, we become introverted and take a deeper look at our own mind. What is born there is a confrontation between a fake self and a true self.

And by feeling the true and true self, you will have the opportunity to correct the course of your life and try a new self.

Unhappy family

⭐ English:Happy familiesAre all alike; everyunhappyfamilyisunhappyin itsownWay. (LeoTolstoy )

⭐ Japanese: All happy families are similar to each other, but all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way. (Tolstoy)

It is a saying that feels Tolstoy's great love to reach out to each of the individual sufferings and sorrows of many people.

The similarities of happy families are generally said to be heavenly and shining. Of course, happy families also have their own personalities.

On the other hand, in order to shed light on the shadowed part without shining light, it is necessary to identify each individual cause and issue a prescription for love.

Suppress evil

⭐ English: Good work requires effort. But controlling evil requires even more effort. (LeoTolstoy )

⭐ Japanese: It takes effort to do good. But even more effort is needed to curb evil. (Tolstoy)

There are different types of efforts between efforts to do good and efforts to control evil. Love's efforts to curb evil require even more power in terms of justice and courage.

The essence of jealousy

⭐ English: Jealousy is a request to the guarantee of the love. (LeoTolstoy )

⭐ Japanese: Jealousy is a request for a guarantee of love. (Tolstoy)

The opposite of love is also jealousy. Jealousy is actually a manifestation of the desire to be loved more.

What is love

⭐ English: Love is self-sacrifice. This is the only bliss that does not depend on chance. (LeoTolstoy )

⭐ Japanese: Love is self-sacrifice. This is the only bliss that does not depend on chance. (Tolstoy)

If you love people from the bottom of your heart, you will devotedly try to serve them, even if you sacrifice some of your precious money, time, and life. Love is active and you feel happiness because you love it.

Shortcut to happiness

⭐ English: The case that I exerting my effort and this would like to be happily and are the shortcut which is most to prosperity in order to become happy. (LeoTolstoy )

⭐ Japanese: Wanting to be happy and striving to be happy is the fastest way to happiness. (Tolstoy)

Do people who want to be happy really want to be happy from the bottom of their hearts? The first question is whether you are actually making an unhappy choice while saying that you want to be happy.

The choice of unhappiness is, for example, always going to the right place, but in the end you miss the chance to miss it. Even if a business negotiation is about to be decided, a negative word is added at the last push.

This is probably the result of the subconscious idea that "I am a sinner, so I must not be happy or successful."

Tolstoy teaches us to "strengthen our determination to be happy first" in order to overcome it. And, with repeated determination and effort, the attitude of the mind will gradually change, and you will be able to attract happiness.

The essence of art

⭐ English: Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced. (LeoTolstoy )

⭐ Japanese: Art is not art, it is the transmission of emotions experienced by the artist. (Tolstoy)

Art is not just a technique, it overflows from the artist's sensitivity and mental experience. In that sense, it is important for an artist to practice as if he were a religionist, who goes deep into his heart.

Violence and obedience

⭐ English: It'll be possible to make a partner yield, but without fighting any violence can't make them keep occupied obediently. (LeoTolstoy )

⭐ Japanese: All violence can bring an opponent to succumb without fighting, but it cannot make an opponent obedient. (Tolstoy)

You can force yourself to succumb to violence, but you cannot subordinate a person's mind. Because the heart of a person is a kingdom, and no one else can rule.

Conditions to be happy

⭐ English: The condition that it can't be avoided is work because man is happy. (LeoTolstoy )

Japanese: Work is an unavoidable condition for human beings to be happy. (Tolstoy)

You cannot get a sense of happiness in a self-deprecating life. There is real joy in working and working hard.

If every day is Sunday, happiness wouldn't be the case. At first, I think you will get tired of it at best. The key to living a happy life is to find happiness while setting goals and striving daily. In Buddhism, there is the word effort and happiness.

The background of Tolstoy as the background of the saying

What kind of life did Tolstoy live and how did he leave behind various works and ideas? A brief summary of Tolstoy's upbringing.

・ ・ Tolstoy in childhood

TolstoyRussian aristocratic houseBorn in He was able to lead a wealthy life and was a blessed childhood.

His parents died at an early age, but his relatives took over and lived comfortably. Tolstoy, who was excellent, can study and enter university.

He has a very elite life, but since he graduated from college, there have been wars and so on, and these events have a big impact on him.

・ ・ He experienced a war

Tolstoy participates in the war as a soldier. He experienced the battlefield as a volunteer, and his experience at this time seems to have influenced his work as a novelist.

He writes many works, incorporating his experience in his war and his own thoughts into his work. Blessed with his family, how with his wife13Human childrenIs born.

It seems that the money earned from his novel was actively used for the poor and tried to help the vulnerable.

・ ・ About his later years

Tolstoy was a novelist and thinker who helped the vulnerable, but his family got worse because he spent all his money on it.

Furthermore, Tolstoy is anti-establishment, anti-Russian Orthodox ChurchIt will become a presence that is estranged from the country and church of Russia.

This has spurred his family affairs to worsen, while his popular support continues to grow. Tolstoy, who has gained some support, could not stop his activity and eventually80He leaves home at the age of age and moves to the monastery where his sister is.

2He had lived for about a year, but was informed that his wife had committed suicide, and when he tried to get home by train, he suffered from pneumonia on the train and died on the platform.

Tolstoy episode

Tolstoy has set his high ideals, but there are many lesser-known episodes of him.

・ ・ Is your wife a demon bride?

Tolstoy's wife is one of the world's three worst wives1She is considered a person.80The reason is that she kicked Tolstoy out of her house and created the cause of her death from pneumonia.

One of the causes of the disagreement was that Tolstoy was marked as a dissident by the country, but her ordinary wife probably couldn't understand Tolstoy's great ideals and ideas.

・ ・ Do you know Gandhi?

Tolstoy has contributed an article to an Indian newspaper and is said to have been impressed by Gandhi's reading of the article.☞[Gandhi's Quotations / Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] The spirit of love that shines behind nonviolence! | Good luck 100 times .net

After that, it seems that they started to exchange letters, and it seems that the exchange with Gandhi led to nonviolence.

Tolstoy's life in pursuit of love and ideals

Although Tolstoy was born into an aristocratic family, he began his career as a novelist and thinker after experiencing war.

He rebelled against the country and the church and was his life pursuing what human happiness was. That activity makes him sick with his family, but it's a life of his own pursuit of his ideals.

His work influenced later generations and became one of Russia's leading writers and world-famous writers. Many of his works are read in Japan as well, and it makes me think about what the true happiness of human beings is.