The Spirit of Tolstoy: The Spirit of Love in the Life of the People of the World

 TolstoyHe is a novelist and writer who represents Russia, and is as great a thinker as the founder of a world religion.

In Japan, the work is well known, and even today,War and Peaceand so on.In addition, it also had an enormous impact on the Shirakaba school, which was the main branch of literature in the Meiji and Taisho periods.

nonviolentAs a novelist, he worked as a novelist and also engaged in activities as an anti-government activist.They are also working to save the so-called vulnerable, such as poor people.Russiaand the rest of the world.

This time, I would like to think of "what is true happiness" for humans from such words as the word "Tolstoy" and the words of the word "Tolstoy".

Tolstoy's Proof, Mystery and Mystery

Tolstoy's name: The virtue of adversity merit

⭐Adversity as the character.

⭐The adversity creates a character.

In a happy situation, people tend to be sweet, but in a certain sense, they get a chance to look at themselves deeply in a way.

and by fighting ourselves in that solitude, men are able to knead and knead.

Tolstoy's name➁Happiness of Happiness

⭐Prosperity, onore, can, it's made, and there is no be-anything but that.

⭐is one that is made by himself, and there is no other happiness.

Happiness will never come even if it is the cause and the environment of others to do things that are not blessed and not good at the moment,

Happiness does not continue to bloom, even if you rely only on the country or others to do it.

True happiness comes from the creation and creation of our own efforts.

So how can we make a good effort and make a good effort?

Happiness begins with thanks for what is given now.People who don't think they are given anything today are given their lives today.

The dark night is leaving the sun shining in the morning.Let' s start with thanksgiving to what we take for granted.

And if the mind is filled with thanks, let' s try to use that energy to try to give love to a lot of people.

Tolstoy's Name: Competition with Me

The best happiness for ⭐human being is to feel that at the end of the year it has become much better than the self at the beginning of the year.

1It is very, very happy to be able to feel that I have grown better than ever before, when I was older.

There are many things that have grown in English, have become more familiar with history, or have become kind to others, but there are "happy feelings of growth in mind" in the inner part.

Tolstoy's Mystery of Humility

⭐A innately person, is called is from everyone. Isn't it doesn't? try to be try to be a little bit?

⭐The humble man is liked by everybody. Why don't you try to be a humble person?

Even if you know that a humble person is liked, it is hard to humbly people.What is it to do with it?

The humble opposition is an arrogant or obstinator.Their characteristics are the self-centerism, and the feeling of admiration from others.There is also an excessive desire for honour.There's too much love for self-love.

Everyone is a pretty one, but when they love too much, they hate it.I want to always say to myself, "humility," and make human relations a great one.

The name of Tolstoy, when he was lonely,

⭐When lonely, the true feel the true self.

⭐When I'm lonely, people feel their own self.

Humans become introverted when they are alone, to look at themselves, to face up to the existence of their own mind and what the mind feels like.

"Is this the true self?" "No, I didn' t do this to myself," and repeated the various discoveries and conflicts.

But here is the key direction." This wasn't supposed to be like this.I'm going to have a showdown with the fake myself like this, "and find" real, true self " in the inner part of the world.

"I love my true self," and I will have a chance to change the trajectory of life and to try something new to me.

Tolstoy's famous prophecy, the unhappy family

⭐Happy areare all alike; every uninnable yfamilyisun yin itsown way.

⭐All happy families are similar to each other, but unhappy families are unhappy in their respective styles.

This is a great love of Tolstoy, who wants to extend his hand to many individual suffering and sadness.

The fact that a happy family is similar is said to be a gentle scenery in which the light is generally shooting at the light.Of course, the happy families have their own individuality.

In order to save light from unhappy families whose shadows are shadows, they need to find out the cause of each individual misfortune, and give them a prescription for love and a love medicine.

Tolstoy's Mystery: Suppress Evil

⭐Good work requires. But the controlling evil requires even more effort.

Effors are needed to make good ⭐good.However, it is necessary to make further efforts to control evil.

Efforts to do good, and efforts to curb evil, differ in the kind of effort.

The effort of love that suppresses evil requires more power from the point of view of justice and courage.

Tolstoy's Name: The Nature of Jealousy

⭐Jealousy is a request to the guarantee of the love.

⭐Jealousy is a demand for a guarantee of love.

The opposite of love is also a jealousy.Jealousy is actually a manifesto manifesto that I want to be loved more.

Tolstoy's Mystery of Love

⭐Love is self-sacrifice.This is the only bliss:

⭐Love and love are self-sacrifices.This is the only bliss that happens to be unrelying on chance.

If you sacrifice a person from the bottom of your heart and sacrifice a part of your precious money, time, life, etc., you will be dedicated to you.

This virtue of devotance is not something that deriving onesetter, but is noble in the sense of "doing (to give love) to the other party."

Wonderful love is the light of the love of devotness, and I feel happy because I love it.

Tolstoy's Prophecy: The Road to Happiness

⭐The case that I exert my effort and this would be like to be the shortcut, which is most to be in order to be happy.

⭐ is the best approach to happiness, which is to make efforts to be happy and to make an effort to be happy.

Does anyone who want to be happy want to be truly happy from the bottom of the heart?The first question is whether he wants to be happy, but is actually making a choice of unhappiness.

A choice of misfortune, for example, always goes to a good place, but at the end of the day, it would be a good opportunity to miss the chance to be miscarried.For example, when the opportunity of a business is likely to be determined, the last bargain should be added with a negative remark.

This is probably the result of the thought that "I am a criminal and should not succeed or succeed because I am a sinful" in the subconscious mind.

In order to break it, Tolstoy tells us, "First, solidiwee our determination to be happy."

and the repetition of determination and effort will gradually change the attitude of the mind, and make it possible for happiness to be drawn.

Tolstoy's famous prophecy of art.

⭐Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has its own.

⭐The arts are not art, but it is the communication of emotions experienced by artists.

Art is not just a technique, but rather overflowing with the sensitivity and mental experience of an artist.

In this sense, it is important for artists to be trained in deep and deep minds, such as religious practis.

Tolstoy's Prophecy Violence and Jujun

⭐ It'll be a possible to make a partner yield, but without the "any" can't make the make "can't make" the "keep".

⭐All violence can only be obeised, not to fight, but not to be obeised.

Violence can be forced to surrender, but it cannot be subordinate to one's mind.

This is because the mind of a man is a kingdom, and cannot be ruled by anyone other than that person.

Tolstoy's Mystery Phras

⭐ The condition that it can't be rework is work, man is happy.

⭐As humans are happy, conditions that cannot be avoided are labor.

You can't get happiness in your own depravilous life.It's the real joy when you work and work hard.

If every day is Sunday, I wouldn't be happy if I would say happiness.At first it was a good thing to get tired of it.

It is the secret to sending a happy life to the goal of something, to make sure that true happiness is the only thing you can do every day with your goal.In Buddhism, there is the word "knit happiness."

the standing of a torstoy as a background of a wording

How did Tolstoy leave his life, and how did he leave a variety of works and ideas?This is a simple summary of what Tolstoy's standing is.

-Childhood Tolstoy.

Tolstoy.a Russian nobleman's houseI will be born.He lived a wealthy life, and he was a blessed childhood.

My parents are dying when they are young, but they are attracted to their relatives and live without freedom.Tolstoy, who was brilliant, can study, and then he goes to college.

This is a very elite life, but there are wars and so on, and so these events have a great impact on Tolstoy.

... experience a war.

Tolstoy is involved in the war as a military man.I experienced the battlefield as a volunteer, and my experience as a novelist seems to have influenced my work as a novelist.

He writes many works, including his experiences in the war and his own ideas.Eyes in the family, what is with your wife?13a person's childwas born.

It seems that the money earned in the novel was actively used for the poor, and was working to save the weak.

About the last years of the year

Tolstoy, a novelist and thinker working as a thinker, is a torstoy who has been helping the weak, but because all the money has been spent, family relations are getting worse.

Tolstoy, anti-system, anti-system.Russian Orthodox Churchwill be the only country that will be alienated from Russia and from the Church of Russia.

This spurred the aggravation of family relations.On the other hand, the support from the people is growing steadily.Tolstoy, who has a certain level of support, is unable to stop the activity, and ultimately,80I left home when I was old, and I moved to the monastery where my sister was.

2She lived in the house for a year, but when she tried to go home by train, she suffered from pneumonia on the train and died on the platform.

Tolstoy episodes

-Is my wife a demon?

Tolstoy's wife is the world's most vicious wife.1I am being considered to be a man.80The reason is that he drove his old tortoy out of his house and created the cause of his death with pneumonia.

It was one of the causes of inexperience that Tolstoy had been marked as a dissident, but as the philosopher Socrates did, the wife of an ordinary sensation did not understand Tolstoy's great ideals and ideas,

Do you know Gandhi?

Tolstoy wrote an article in a newspaper in India and is said to have been impressed by Gandhi reading the article.

She seemed to have been able to send correspondence to the letter, which appears to have led to nonviolent interactions with Gandhi.

The Life of Tolstoy, who pursued the ideals of love

Tolstoy was born into a nobleman's house, but began to work as a novelist and thinker after a war experience.

and rebel against the country and the church.His relationship with his family would be worse for his activities, but he was "life in pursuit of what is true happiness of human beings."

Tolstoy's work had a great impact on later world, and Tolstoy became a leading author and author of the world as a representative writer."In Japan," he said, "And what is the true happiness of man?"It is continuing to have a strong impact on ideology.

[Book information]If Tolstoy was alive, what on earth would he say?The answer to the truth is here!"Music," "Love, Peace," "The Secret of the Soul."One of the world's best news stories, directly reaching your soul.

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