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Portrait of 10000 yenAcademic adviceYukichi Fukuzawa is also famous as the author of the author.

My career seemed to be gorgeous, but it was never a good life. However, he made a lot of effort and strive to strive for effort and spread the way to spread learning to the world.

Fukuzawa Yukichi, of courseHe is an educator but translator. He has been active in promoting his life and culture abroad.

This time, I introduce the episode that Fukuzawa Yukichi left behind, such as the name, the proverb, and the character of the character.

The words and phrases of Yukichi Fukuzawa①~⑫

The recommendation of Yukichi Fukuzawa

⭐ Heaven does not make man above man, does not make man below

⭐ Heaven does not create a man

It is a famous passage which appears in the beginning of the study that preaches that everyone is only one, and is equal in the chance, and that it can grasp success by effort.

The words of Yukichi Fukuzawa➁A wise man and a fool

⭐ Distinction between a wise man and a fool is made by learning and learning.

The person is influenced by the person who learns or does not learn. It is a basis for becoming a wonderful leader by combining personality.

Even after you have moved to study, you can always be a great guide to study.

Recommendation of Fukuzawa Yukichi

⭐ Don't even think about it, and don't doubt "the success of things".

You must not think whether you will succeed or not succeed. Such a person is a coward, and it is not an idea to advance life.

If you succeed, you will succeed in the course of success, and if you fail, you will open the path to the next.

The best thing is that you don't challenge anything, and it's like a quality critic who has debated ahead.

A legitimate argument or criticism is wonderful, but it is not just an excuse for what you can't challenge with a false mistake.

Fukuzawa Yukichi

⭐ The fate opens in where it can demonstrate one's power.

The place where you can demonstrate your own power is where you think of what you really want to do.

And if it is the power of a large number of people, what role should I take in it? It is necessary to ask for the question of "where is the place where the weapon of one's own advantage is polished and it should be used".

In addition, "fate is open", the direction that the support of heaven enters there is necessary.

Is it the way to serve for the sake of the world for something? It is not a big educator such as Yukichi Fukuzawa, but in other work, it is the way that everyone can experience "according to the intention".

The best life of heaven

⭐ Effort changes even the "heaven".

There is also a width in heaven's life, and the strength of the desire "to fulfill the highest heaven life" is heard by effort.

Also, the strength and effort of the will may lead to new life. In this myth, there is a hot desire to serve for the nation and to dedicate the best one.

Yukari Fukuzawa's heroic conditions

⭐ The person who does not advance must always draw and advance.

⭐ It is not a hero to be doubtful first.

There is no person who opened the road by "person who doubts first". First of all, many people say an excuse for being a coward who doesn't act.

A person who has a habit of trying to do so against him, even if it does not work well, learns the experience from failure and rises again, and breaks through the wall even if there is trial and error.

Even if it continues to the study, the power of acting falls when becoming suspicious.In addition to the accumulation of wisdom through learningAlso try. I taught the importance of breaking the wall by acting toward the front.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's imagination and Practice

⭐ Imagination is the original of practice

Fantasy is not mere dream.

The dream here includes the dream, the romance and the ideal. The direction of the practice becomes steady only if it has the ideal and the character.

AndIt is a draft of the practice. "Imagination has a mission that actually practices and makes reality.

Life of today

⭐ Today is the day of my life.

There is the word "life day" as a common thing to many great people.

It is a condition to become an excellent leader to use time meaningfully considering the day after day.

The day is golden time, and that burning day opens the door of a beautiful future.

The meaning of learning by Fukuzawa Yukichi

⭐ The purpose of learning is not read. It is in the work of the spirit.

Reading here is how to read books such as know-how books and entertaining books. Reading is the basis of learning, but learning is not just a collection of knowledge.

To read and study books, you must not only learn superficial characters. It was important to read the spirit contained in it, and to cultivate my thinking with the new mulberry of the spirit.

The conditions of men in Fukuzawa Yukichi

⭐ You must not look at the difficulty and do not have the power to be strong.

It is a proof that there is no man's spirit to throw a hard work and throw it.

You must not look at a serious person and watch it. Be sure to take action to reach out. It is a message that it is a true man's character.

He was a great man of Yukichi Fukuzawa

⭐ Once you learn, you should learn much. If he was a farmer, he became a large farmer and became a commercial merchant.

If you start studying, you will be encouraged to study thoroughly. Of course, learning is necessary.

It is a desire to do it for the world.

The best beauty of Yukichi Fukuzawa

⭐ The most beautiful thing in the world is to have affection for all things.

Yukichi Fukuzawa loves his wife and children. Japan and the great humanity love exist in Yukichi.

In the aim of "the recommendation of learning", there will be "love and beauty of loving all things".

The history of Yukichi Fukuzawa as the background of his word

Everyone knows that Yukichi Fukuzawa is a portrait of 10000 yen bills. He is famous as an educator, but he has many other achievements.

So how did such a great person become? Let's look at the history of Yukichi Fukuzawa.

Fukuzawa Yukichi's childhood

In the order of momosuke Fukuzawa5He was born as the youngest of the two brothers.But Yukichi1His father momosuke passed away at the age of two.

After that, Yukichi supported the family while assisting in domestic service and home.

However, it is said that there is a lively and mischievous aspect, and it is said that it used the tag which wrote the name of the Lord in place of the toilet seat paper.

A big step as an educator

5I started learning Chinese14He was ten years old.

When I saw children around me studying, I studied frantic words, history, etc.

19When he was ten years old, he started studying Dutch studies under Nagasaki, shigetomo Yamamoto.

Osaka CityTeika Ogata's private schoolHe entered the school and became the youngest of the school.

23At the age of ten, he opened his own rangakujuku in Edo.

It is surprising that Holland is not understood

24I had a chance to visit Yokohama when I was ten years old.

Yukichi speaks to overseas people in Holland, but only English is returned.

I am shocked by the lack of Holland language, and I strongly feel that the English era will start.

Publication of school and establishment of school

After that, I went to the United States and Europe to publish words and books to spread English and free and equal overseas culture to Japan.

37At the age of eighteen, he will be the best seller of the academic achievement.

And the people of the same will learn togetherKeio University

Pretend to the MainichiJiji shinpoAlso established.

The late years of Yukichi Fukuzawa

Yukichi, who fell in stroke, became aphasia, and he couldn't speak well as before.

After that1901In the year66He died of brain hemorrhage at the age of three. About the funeral1Million5000It is said that the person attended.

Famous episodes of Yukichi Fukuzawa

Yukichi Fukuzawa has many episodes and accomplishments, but he introduces famous things.

But inside? Was there such a side? There may be some episodes.

- actually

Yukichi, who loved sake and was drinking sake since he was little.

I tried to stop drinking several times, but I was forced to drink again to the friend of a friend of Tango Miyazu in my friend and gave up drinking.

It is said that it was recommended that tobacco was replaced instead of alcohol, and it was not able to stop both alcohol and tobacco.

I love wife

26At ageI got a friend called Nishiki.

After that, it is said that there was no rumor in the wife's wife.

Between the two children9Because there are people, there is no doubt that it was good relations.

- made many Chinese words

It is used in the present "freedom", "democracy" and "competition"Japanese ChineseIt is said that Yukichi made it.

Insurance system

I introduced the western insurance system to Japan.

Until then, Japan is an ordinary age when something happens somehow.

But the teacherAbe TaizoThere are insurance systems today.

- changed the mind of the bank

After returning from abroad, I changed the system and thinking of the bank.

It is said that he was involved in the establishment of the Bank of Japan.

Double entry bookkeeping used in accounting.

- weather forecast

To the Jiji SHINBUN that he foundedJapan Weather Forecast

The weather mark that became common now was also published together at this time.

The portrait of 10000 yen bills

Although it is an achievement after Yukichi died, it cannot be introduced.

Let's see why Yukichi was chosen as a portrait of 10000 yen bills on the Treasury's home page.

★It is a portrait suitable for the banknote of the highest ticket amount, and the person of the portrait is adopted from the culture person after the Meiji period in which the person of the portrait is generally internationally also famous.


There is a variety of episodes, but it is understood that it has left many achievements that can be recognized as a culture person suitable for the banknote with the quality.

Yukichi Fukuzawa planted importance of the study and the power of

Yukichi Fukuzawa preaches the importance of being academic and free and equal.

It might be an influence that the experience that felt with the body that the father momosuke had been treated unreasonable because it was a downstream Samurai regardless of the study was.

The importance of studying and the power of action has been passed down to many people in modern books. He also contributed to the establishment of the insurance system and the bank.

It is not exaggeration to say that Japan is not present without Yukichi's achievements.

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