[John Lennon's Quotations Walk (English & Japanese)] What is the Beatles' overwhelming source of love?

John Lennonis the UKLiverpoolof the world's famous rock band,The Beatles (The Beatles)This is the central member of the system.

Even after the Beatles disbanded, he continued his musical activities in solo, ma'am.OnoyokoI'm also famous for being a Japanese. I still have a lot of enthusiastic fans in Japan.

This time, John Lennon, who played as a guitarist as lead singer, will show you what he has left as an artist.

First of all, I would like to introduce you to the mysterious Tupix of John Lennon's life.

 John Lennon, who received a "golden egg" from the cosmo

⭐Like a UFO you came to me, and blew away, life's misery ...

⭐a UFO, you came to me.and blown away the misfortunof of life.* From "Out the Blue"

⭐There's UFO's over New York, and I aint too ...

⭐There was a UFO in the sky above New York, but I wasn't so surprised. * From "Nobody Told Me"

On August 23, 1974, John Lennon witnessed a UFO along with others.The place is 434 East 52nd Street, New York.It's about the size of a small business jet.The shape is a cone.It says that there was one bright red light above, with a flashing of white light on the bottom of the bottom, and a shining brightness with a flashing of white light.

In 1975, the next year, he encountered the cosmos.The place is the name "Dacotahouse" (No. 1, West 72nd Street, New York West 72nd Street), where he lived with Yoko Ono.

In the middle of the night, when I awoke, I found a strong light from the door.When I woke up and opened the door, there were four little cosmos that I tried to push back, but I couldn't push it back, and when John found out, he was not in bed.

and at that time it was strange to me that John Lennon's hand was like a "golden egg".

I look at the life of John Lennon as the background of the famous message of love and world peace.

John Lennon, who made many masterpieces to enterate people around the world,The song "The Beatles" is still sung by many people, and the words of John Lennon's poems continue to have a strong influence on the minds of the people.

John Lennon also left many unique words in his life as well as his songs.

Let' s look at the life of John Lennon as the background of the message contained in these wording.

Until the Beatles was formed.

 John Lennon was born in Liverpool, England on October 9, 1940.
Back then, during World War II, Liverpool,Nazi GermanyIt was such a state that it was under attack.

And in my father's voyage, my mother was living with a different man,Mrs. Mimi, the sister of Julia's mother, Aunt and her husband.John Lennon is raised.

Even though they were parents, they seemed to have been very young when they were brought up by their old days, and had been seen from the surrounding and the surroundings of the fight.

I met the rock in such a way, and John Lennon was fascinated by the rock. Elvis Presleyinspired by, guitars, and then built in the backyard of the St. Peter's Church and later on to the BeatlesPaul McCartneyI met.

"Without Elvis, the Beatles weren't good," John Lennon, who felt like that.and the meeting with Paul McCartney changed dramatically in his life.

In 1960, at the age of 20, he formed the Beatles, and began his musical activities. And while acting as a Beatles, he becomes a great singer and songwriter who leaves many masterpieces in "Lennon McCartney's Name".

The Beatles' big success

Two years after the Beatles were formed,Ringo Starrjoined as a member of the new year and announced this yearLove Me Dois a big hit.

The Beatles made their record debut on October 5, 1962, but on August 23, 1962,Cynthia PowelI'm married to a woman.between the two.Julien Lennonis there.

After that, they continued to produce hit films, which became notable not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States, and eventually led to a global boom. In 1964, the Grammy AwardsIt is also recognized as a global rock band in both name and reality.

I have come to Japan to come to Japan, and then there is a Beatles turning wind in Japan. You can still watch the scene that comes down from an airplane at the airport by coming up with a huppi.

In 1966, at the end of the Beatles,John Lennon said, "The statement of Christ."I have a controversial proposal.Following this, the Beatles went out of the tour, and John went to see the solo exhibition of Yoko Ono, the avant-garde artist. That was the encounter with Yoko ONO and 'Yoko Ono'.

In 1969, after the marriage of Yoko, John Lennon's activities in Solo became active, brisk, against the Vietnam War, and leaning toward a peace movement.One child between John Lennon and Yoko ONO.Sean Lennonis there.

After the Beatles broke up,

In 1970, he disbanded the Beatles, began solo activities, and continued to work energetically by singing and singing love and peace.

But ...New York's Dakota Apartmentin front ofMarkchapmanThe gun kills John Lennon.It was on December 8, 1980.The news shocked the world and mourned the death that many people were too early for.

Let' s look back on such a life, and look at the one left by John Lennon.

John Lennon's Provert 15: The same as a song

The words of the singer, the writer, the painter, and the pacifist, John Lennon, were the ones that could not be separated from songs.

Many of the lyrics remain in the lyrics, and many of the interviews that he received as an artist remain in the same interview.

John Lennon's solo activities began before the Beatles were effectively disbanded, and he was trying to work more vigorously towards the 1980s.

It was inspired by the flow of time and the avant-garde artist called Onoyoko, and it is characterized by many famous words for love and peace.

John Lennon's Prophecy: Love and Peace

⭐ Love and peace are eternal

⭐Love and Peace Forever

John Lennon's "Imagine" is a great deal for John Lennon's "Imagine", a great deal for John Lennon's peace of peace.

John Lennon's Proof➁Peace, please.

⭐ All We Aren't the One Chance a Chance!

⭐Let' s try peace! It's all we're talking about.

John Lennon, who was interested in Orientalism before he met Yoko Ono, was interested in the work.Through the performance of art, I work with Yoko to make a very positive peace for peace.

John Lennon's Proof of Positive Power

⭐ Open your heart and say "Yes". If you affirm everything, you'll find the answer

⭐Open your mind and say "Yes".If you give me all the answers, you'll find the answer.

It is said that John Lennon and ONO no Yoko did not have the future if the words written there were not "Yes" when they went to watch the works of Yoko Ono.

This "Yes" was a strong, hot waveable of Yoko Ono.No matter how difficult the world peace is, the positive and positive word "Yes" would have been a very strong and sadistic word for John.

John Lennon's Prophet-Loving Me

⭐ We need to learn to love first, in all our glory and our imictions.

⭐We must learn from the fact that we love ourselves more than anything else in our excellence and incompletness.

Only those who were able to hold their own merits and love were able to extend their strengthing while not leaving their own shortfall.As you love the existence of yourself, solid growth and development will begin.

John Lennon, who himself knew that he was not perfect, was able to have a kindness to the other, and to love others.

John Lennon's statement, you're ...

⭐do not need who you are or who you are.

⭐You don't need someone who points out who you are, or who you are.because you are the only one.

⭐I hope you live as as you please. Because it's your life's your life.

⭐I wish I could live in love with you.Because it's your life.

Others evaluate and decide their opponents as they like.Even if you don't know about the other side, you can freely express yourself from the day's mood.However, I am the only one who truly means "to take responsibility" in the real sense of the person.

You are the only word of healing, that you are the only one that you can do in the first place.and if your confidence hugely hugely hugely held you, I would be responsible for the life of you.It may be that you are striving to develop your own ability to do so.Isn't this the message of such healing and encouragement?

It is my life that determines my life, and the way is open because I have a responsibility for my life.

I don't know what I was told about in the ' 80s, when a man was raising a child in the 80s.But it's good for John to do that.I may have been looking for a new, beautiful melody from the child-rearing.

John Lennon's Proof of the Honor of the Justice

⭐Being, not Make many friends. But by being, you can always make real friends.

⭐If you are an honest man, you might not be able to make a lot of friends.But by continuing to be honest, you can always get a true friend.

John Lennon did not ask for a friend relationship that was full of decoration in the upper part of the family, not honest.because, from such a mentality, the songs that touch the hearts of the people's hearts are never born.

It is not because of the music and poetry that the music gives to the hearts of the people, so that they can feel the connection between the person who made it and the soul of the person who heard them." A piece of music is like a love that connects people to people.

That is why we should not be faked or miserrawed.You will have to be honest and pure.

John Lennon: How to spend your life in life

Life ⭐ very short and there's no time for fussing and the my friends.

⭐Life is short.So, my friend, I don't have time to make a fuss or struggle.

⭐Life Goes by While Soccer a lot

⭐Life's going to be too prepared for a while.

The short life of John Lennon, who is forty years old, and is killed because of the unwanted case, has a weight in his life.

It's really a pity to keep fighting, whatever the other person says.You may be able to lose the candles of your life, as you care about it.

Even if you say something that you don't like, you need to be able to take it in a proper and untidy thing.This is what we need to do in the current age, where the words are mixed up on social networking sites.

It is a good thing to be ready to do everything, but if you spend your time in preparation and not try and run it, you can't be a successful life.

You need the courage to challenge your life.It's very unfortunate that you have to do it in your life, even though it's what you don't do.It is the path of victory for life to be used in a meaningful way.

John Lennon: The Value of Love

⭐It doesn't matter who is you, you are you, who is you, you are, where, where, and how. It's More About You Love

⭐It doesn't matter where someone loves you, and where and how, who is sukiever.It is more important to say that you love.

You can't be happy to be loved and loved by people who are always loved by people.Whether you love someone or not, is the path to happiness, and that's the point.

For example, if you want to be loved by people, your mind is always restless and shakable.On the contrary, when you give a person a love, you feel a clean feeling in your heart.It is because the heavenly light flows into the mind when it gives love to others.The warmth of light brings happiness to the mind.

Love is a spirituality."Love" means love is pure, and it is beautiful and glowing.

John Lennon, the prophecy of himself, about his own mind.

⭐You have to think about your own mind. I can't do it with

⭐I have to look for myself in my own mind.No one will ever take the place of it.

⭐I can tell you how: I've been to think about what you're going to do to do.

⭐I can tell you what I've done so far, but I have to think about what you will do now.

You're the only person who can manage your own mind, and your success starts with the control of your own mind.

"I want you to overcome the hardship," said John Lennon, in a statement as if he had just seen one of them.and I want to make life a great bloom, and I want you to have a warm, deep love."

John Lennon: The good time and the time to waste and waste

⭐Enjoying and wasting time is not wasted.

⭐Enjoy wasted time is not wasteful.

We also need to have fun and waste time to motivate them.The time that you enjoyed and wasted time would sometimes mean a positive rest.

Successful people have the art of stress relief.A time to be wasted and wasted is also a person with a lot of heart, and new ideas and discoveries will come into life.

John Lennon: A vision in the heart of the heart

⭐The vision in my heart vag a reality

Vijon in ⭐mind is going to be real.

⭐What kind of, you can grow and nime. "when mise onesso elf so many times, it can be called" all " means.

⭐You can succeed anyone, if you keep telling yourself how many times you want to succeed, and you can succeed.

"The Vision in the Heart" will be realized in this world by "the power of the mind.""The Power of the Nemmy" is the power of mystery.

However, it is important to know what direction it is facing, and "Check the Heart of the Heart" to see if it is the way to bring happiness to the world.

and if there is a pure, intense love of love, it ought to strengthen its ` ` the ` the ` strength of ` the ` ` the ` strength of the `.One way of doing it is to "tell your heart again and again," as if carving a sculpture carved.

John Lennon also advocates that "the power of believing in yourself and the ability to dream," as a premise to "realise the vision in your mind" is also being filed.

⭐The fundamental idea of Talis to believe that the you can do something for.

⭐The fundamental talent is to believe that something can be done to you.

Anyone can believe that something can be done to you.In order to do so, it requires a quiet meditation, and it must be synthetically with the great god in meditation.Among them, they were sure to see what they had to do.

John Lennon was able to do the work that would have had a great influence on his later life, because Lennon felt his "duty" in his faith in God, and believed in his own self.

John Lennon's Prophecy of Happiness

⭐Don't hesationto be happy.

⭐ Don't hesitate to be happy.

Everybody wants happiness, but many are reluctant to be happier and more happy and more anxious.

In addition, those who have suffered from pain or sorrow in the past may be dragged on by their vision and seleckled by misfortune.

To not hesitate to be happy, let' s set up new goals and guidelines for life.I will draw a new vision of happiness, and keep it hard in my mind.

John Lennon: The Prophecy of Violence

Violence ⭐: The Violence

⭐Violence only leads to violence.

Even if you try to solve things with violence, you only have to create new violence.

John Lennon, the fond of you, imaginding me.

⭐Imagine all the people Living Life in Peace

⭐Imagine that all people are living in peace.

⭐When you are a peace of peace, the world's normal.

⭐If people really want peace, the world will be peaceful.

Famous passage.It's John Lennon, who has called for peace.

⭐It's just a dream that you dream alone. If you dream together, it's a reality

⭐It is only a dream that you dream of alone.If we dream together, it's real.

John Lennon: The Prophecy of Love

⭐Love is like a flower, that you have to grow.

⭐Love is like a flower that you have to raise.

If you don't take your hand to raise flowers, love will not grow.
It is a very beautiful proverb that runs through the life of John Lennon, who died for love and for love.

The John Lennon episodes

John Lennon is known for his many masterpieces and well-known episodes, but many interesting episodes are also left behind.Let me introduce you to some of them.

・・ImagineIs that a ban on the broadcast?

John Lennon recorded the best sales in Japan, recording the best sales in Japan, and even in Japan, it was actually a prohibited song at the time.

It is also true that the song is a song of a sailing vessel, but it was forbidden because the lyrics were only judged as communistic and communictive.John Lennon's song of freedom and the revolution of love is really the true song of the truth.

・・Smoke filmIs that John Lennon's idea?

It is said that John Lennon was the first to use smoked film on the windowpane.

Since John Lennon, who is popular in the media, is always interested in the media, he has to have a smoked film for his privacy.

This idea is now settled, and many drivers are using smoked film.It's an unexpected big invention.

Do you have a favorite hotel in Japan?

John Lennon, who often comes to Japan, often comes to Japan, but when he stays there,Hotel OkuraI heard that I was staying.Was it a favourite hotel?

His wife was Japanese, and he seemed to love Japan too, and Japanese people loved the Beatles and John Lennon.

I'm a world-class singer from England, but it's also possible that John Lennon also loved Japan, as well as a number of people familiar with Japan have become a fan.

It's all about love -- a message that John Lennon left behind.

John Lennon, who spent his time in lonely days when he was hungry for real parents' love, loved him, loved people, and continued to plead for peace until his death.

It is regrettable that the sad end of his being killed by a man of his fanatic fan was finally killed.

"Love is everything," he said.

John Lennon's soul was not the "lump of love", but it was not."The revolution of love," he said, using the weapon of song, "a revolution of love," which would be more graceful and more enthusiastic about the world.

John Lennon has a hard beat of rock in the keyword "spreading love".John Lennon's beautiful and noble souls are still shining and shining, and the spirits of the world continue to shine in light of the world.

If you think of a lot of John Lennon's famous words, such as when you don't have a heart, or when you want to burn your passion for something, do you want to have a deeper taste of the song?

[Book information]If John Lennon was alive, what would he say?The answer to the truth is here!"Music," "Love, Peace," "The Secret of the Soul."One of the world's best news stories, directly reaching your soul.

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